Massive thickets of bunchgrass and sagebrush blanket the hot, dry slopes of the Kettle Range. Shrub-steppe usually skirts the lower fringes of the ponderosa parkland, although fingers of sagebrush habitat sometimes jut up into the subalpine parkland.  Beautiful sage meadows blanket the slopes of Columbia and Wapaloosie Mountains along the Kettle Crest.

Although shrub-steppe can appear austere, early spring brings a profusion of wildflowers; one species, the Okanogan fameflower, grows nowhere else in the world outside of isolated pockets of shrub-steppe in the Kettles and adjacent southern British Columbia. About two-thirds of Columbia Basin shrub-steppe has disappeared under plow and pavement since European settlers arrived.



  1. […] diversity of classic Kettle Range habitats, from interior mixed-conifer forest to aspen groves and sagebrush meadows. The Jungle Hill Trail begins with a quick dip in a creek before attacking the steep slopes […]

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