Mid-elevation mixed-conifer forest

Below subalpine parkland and above ponderosa pine zone lies the most diverse selection of conifers in the Northwest: western redcedar, grand fir, Douglas fir, white pine and western larch. This forest hosts an array of understory shrubs, from serviceberry to huckleberry, ninebark to ocean spray. The diversity of cover and vegetation allow for a variety of wildlife.

Past logging practices have altered much of the once wild mixed-conifer forests of the Columbia Highlands. Today, only a few untouched remnants can be found, and most of those natural forests are within the boundaries of roadless areas such as those in the Kettle Range and the Selkirks.



  1. […] miles this trail features a staggering diversity of classic Kettle Range habitats, from interior mixed-conifer forest to aspen groves and sagebrush meadows. The Jungle Hill Trail begins with a quick dip in a creek […]

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