Ferry County Anti-Wilderness Resolution (May 23, 2011)

FERRY COUNTY RESOLUTION NO. 2O11.25 Opposing “Wilderness Designations”

WHEREAS, Ferry County, a political sub-division of the State of Washington and the Ferry County Commissioners’ are duly elected representatives of the citizens of Ferry County; and 

WHEREAS, only 17% of Ferry County is private land leaving the rest intermingled with state and federal lands and a significant portion of the Colville National Forest is located in Ferry County; and

WHEREAS, the areas that are being proposed for “Wilderness Designations” do not meet the criteria as called for in the Federal Wilderness Act of L964 or the Washington State Wilderness Act of 1984; and

WHEREAS, “Wilderness Designations” restricts effective management techniques and creates catastrophic wildfires placingFerryCountycitizens and their property at risk; and

WHEREAS, equal access to theColvilleNational Forestby all Ferry County Citizens is important and necessary for cultural and economical purposes; and

WHEREAS, with “Wilderness Designations” Ferry County would encounter loss of land, grazing, mining interests, recreation, managed water supply and timber production; and

WHEREAS, the Ferry County Community Wildfire Protection Plan has identified the hazards existing in the county and forest planning must take into account the efforts this county has already undertaken to build a comprehensive local plan that is compliant with FEMA requirements, state growth management and county plans. “Wilderness Designations” does not have a protection plan for our forest and private property.

NOW THEREFORE BE lT RESOLVED AND DETERMINED that the Ferry County Board ofCountyCommissionersoppose any and all “Wilderness Designations” forFerryCountyin order to insure equal access to theColvilleNational Forestfor all citizens withinFerryCounty.

ADOPTED this 23’d day of May, 2011.


BRAD L. MILLER, Chairman



 Debbie Bechtol, Clerk of the Board

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