Between the Cascades and the Rocky Mountains in the remote northeastern corner of Washington, lies a wild gem of mountains, rivers, and wildlife like no other place in the Northwest. It’s a land of fragrant pines, gentle beauty, and dark night skies. Here, the spirit of wilderness lives on. A last best place for wildlife, wilderness adventure, and working forests and ranches. Welcome to northeast Washington. Welcome to the Columbia Highlands.


Where are the Columbia Highlands?

The Columbia Highlands stretch across northeastern Washington, including Pend Oreille, Stevens, Ferry, and parts of Okanogan Counties.  Much of the land is working farms, ranches, and forests or part of the publicly owned Colville and Okanogan National Forests.  The Upper Columbia River cuts through this region flanked by two major mountain ranges, the Kettle River Range and Selkirk Mountains, that have peaks that rise to over 7,000 feet.  Two other major rivers, the Kettle and the Pend Oreille also flow through the region.  There are many lakes, campgrounds, and trails, as well as stunning scenery and abundant and diverse wildlife that attract thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and visitors to the Columbia Highlands each year.

About Friends of the Columbia Highlands

This web site is a clearinghouse of information and inspiration about the Columbia Highlands region in northeastern Washington State and efforts to protect both wildlands and working landscapes for future generations.  The site is maintained by volunteers from Friends of the Columbia Highlands, a coalition of conservation and recreation organizations, businesses, and northeast Washington citizens who care about safeguarding the future of this beautiful slice of heaven for people and wildlife.  We hope you enjoy it and share your favorite content with others.

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