Posted by: aarontheisen | July 15, 2012

The Salmo-Priest Wilderness needs YOU!

The Washington Trails Association (WTA), the state’s premier volunteer trail advocacy group, is looking for volunteers for a work party on the Salmo-Priest Loop trail July 21-23.

The Salmo-Priest Wilderness is northeast Washington’s only such designated area. The wettest spot in Washington east of the Cascades, the Salmo-Priest trail boasts miles of trails through beargrass meadows, near pristine rivers, and under ancient old-growth cedars.

The trails in the Salmo-Priest rely on volunteer groups, including the WTA, to maintain them. If you’ve spent any time hiking in the far northeast corner of Washington, chances are, WTA has worked on a trail you love. Consider giving back to those trails on this fun, relaxing and rewarding work party. Volunteers will be car camping and hiking in to the work site each day. You may volunteer for as few or as many days of the trip as you like.

Interested? Contact Derrick Knowles at or 509-435-1270 ASAP. You will also need to register on the WTA website.

Thanks for giving a little bit of your outdoor time back to our wilderness trails!


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