Posted by: aarontheisen | May 18, 2012

Grizzly bears caught on tape!

A Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife motion-activated camera recently captured this video of a grizzly bear in the “Wedge” portion of the Colville National Forest, in northern Stevens County. This comes on the heels of a video captured in the same area of a wolverine this spring.

The Selkirk Mountains, including the portion in Pend Oreille county, host one of the last remaining populations of grizzly bears in in the lower 48 states. However, grizzly bears occasionally wander into Stevens County from across the international border; recently, a radio-collared grizzly was detected on Abercrombie Mountain, after a meandering trip that took it across the border several times and close to the Sullivan Ranger Station.



  1. Have they released the picture of the sow and two cubs that was mentioned in the newspaper? The fact that it was there with cubs leads me to believe that it was no wanderer, but was instead denning in the area over the winter. However, the article didn’t mention the age of the cubs, so it would be interesting to see the photos.

  2. Pretty cool and maybe the safest way to photograph them!

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