Posted by: aarontheisen | April 27, 2012

Celebrate Native Plant Appreciation Week!

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April 29 – May 5 is Washington Native Plant Appreciation Week, a celebration of the more than three thousand native plant species found in our state. Although the snow still lingers in the higher elevations of the Columbia Highlands, over the next few weeks many of the region’s most beautiful wildflowers will begin blooming. Check out this slideshow of some of our area’s early bloomers, and then take a hike! Hoodoo Canyon, and Thirteenmile are good bets for great wildflower shows.

Slideshow photos copyright Aaron Theisen 2012. All rights reserved.



  1. Tried to hike to clackamas mountain. Lots of snow at the very top and the trail is hard to follow.

  2. Spring wildflower season is one of my favorite times to hike. It is incredible how these beautiful flowers grow naturally, through storms and snow, without any tending, toxic chemicals, or upkeep. The pictures are beautiful! Keep posting please!

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