Posted by: columbiahighlands | April 21, 2011

Check out our new logo!

Visitors to this website may have noticed a recent addition to the homepage: a new logo representing the Friends of the Columbia Highlands.

Designed by Spokane graphic designer Ashley Hanson, the logo showcases three elements that typify the unique character of the Columbia Highlands.

In the center is a majestic Canada lynx, a threatened species that finds refuge in the forests of the Kettle Range and Selkirk Mountains of northeast Washington.

On either side of the lynx are old-growth ponderosa pines, the most rare old-growth forest type in Washington. The Columbia Highlands boast some of the best remaining old-growth ponderosas in the region.

In the background rises the Kettle Crest, which forms the spine of the western Columbia Highlands. In the Kettle Range, like the Selkirk Mountains to the east, nearly all the same plants and animals that thrived here before European settlement can still be found. Clear streams, creeks and rivers flow unimpeded out of these wild mountains and provide drinking water for numerous local communities. And recreationists find four seasons of backcountry adventure in the rugged terrain of the Kettles.

Behind the logo stand the majority of northeast Washington citizens who overwhelmingly support a balanced plan for the Colville National Forest that includes maintaining working timber and ranchlands, improving recreation trails and access, and safeguarding wildlife and wilderness.

Interested in learning more about the Friends of the Columbia Highlands? Attend an upcoming Columbia Highlands event to learn more about recreation and volunteer opportunities and how you can voice your support for the Columbia Highlands–and pick up your own Columbia Highlands window cling and bumper sticker!



  1. Beautiful! Nice work, Ashley!

  2. I love the new logo!

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