Posted by: columbiahighlands | October 25, 2010

Highlands highlight – Northern Ales brewery

Tucked off Highway 20 on the western edge of Kettle Falls, in an unassuming blue warehouse, lies Northeast Washington’s newest post-ski, bike, hunt or hike destination, Northern Ales brewery.

Northern Ales has been brewing in Northport since 2007, but owner and brewmaster Steve Hedricks completed the move to the Kettle Falls location, 325 W. 3rd Ave., earlier this month.

The brewery currently has five beer selections on tap, including the crisp Flume Creek IPA and the intriguing Honey-Basil Ale, which boasts a 13% alcohol content by volume, and a tasty alcohol-free home-brewed rootbeer to balance it out. The brewery also offers a limited food menu, from chili dogs to ‘boatloads’ of steamed artichoke hearts and an impressive selection of frozen pizza options.

Although the newly located Northern Ales has done little advertising beyond a Facebook page, word-of-mouth appears to have been effective; on a recent Saturday evening, after an athletic day of building a new mountain biking and hiking trail on the other side of the Kettle Crest near Republic, a steady stream of patrons kept the taps flowing and the pool table balls clicking.

With its convenient location off Highway 20, well-reviewed beers, and casual, industrial atmosphere—complete with concrete floor and loading dock and doors made perfect for summertime outdoor patio relaxing—Northern Ales is sure to become a popular post-Sherman Pass pit stop.


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